Educational Resources

Educational websites providing reading, learning disabilities, and bilingual education resources. Likewise, this is not an end-all list therefore I will continue to add to this list.

Reading Resources

Reading Rockets Website

Resources to help struggling readers in foundational skills. Focus on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. | Link

US Dept. of Education

Provides reading-related resources and strategies. You’ll also find resources about learning to read. | Link

Common Sense Education

Provides reading-related resources and strategies. You’ll also find resources about learning to read. | Link

Scholastic Resources

Scholastic is the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books. Connects educators and families through accessibility, engagement, and expertise. | Link

Learning Disabilities | Supports, and advocacy for dealing with children with disabilities. Parents can also chat with experts, connect with parents, and get parenting tips. Additionally, they focus on reading, writing, math, organization, and attention issues. Link.

Bilingual Education Website

Colorin Colorado | A bilingual site for families and teachers of multi-language learners. In addition, you’ll find files and videos about the benefits and concerns of Bilingual Education. Link

Content Area Education Websites

Khan Academy | Free mathematic and English language arts resources. In addition, Khan Academy is a free educational website. Link

Online English Books

Finding appropriate level books can be a challenge for parents. However, reading development depends on the consistent practice of appropriate grade-level books.

Access a list of websites that offer English books to use online. In short, these are handy books you can read from your phone, tablet, or computer. Happy Reading!

Spanish books online

Finding Spanish books can be a bit of a challenge to support Spanish language learners. However, publishers are increasing Spanish book availability.

Most importantly, families can now find Spanish books more easily. See the link below!

Enjoy these free resources, and don’t forget to come back for more!

coloring, draw, markers-5017860.jpg

Spanish Workbooks

Spanish Activity Workbooks Practice fosters learning. This list contains a list of engaging Spanish activity workbooks that provide kids with practice in learning the alphabet, vocabulary, …
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child, kid, play-865116.jpg

Spanish Alphabet Activity Book

Spanish Alphabet Activity Book Support and foster your child’s Spanish language development by providing hands-on learning activities. Spanish Alphabet Activity Book In a fun way Practice …
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what is lexile level

What is a Lexile Level?

Parent guide – How to interpret and use Lexiles Reading performance for kids is often reported in different forms to parents and educators. The first …
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boy, reading, book-921807.jpg

Favorite Kids’ Books

A selection of recommended English kids’ books by age These English kids’ books are divided into different ages to help parents select the appropriate …
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