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English Learners

Resources, ideas, and information for parents raising English Language Learners in US elementary, middle, and high schools.

English language learners need consistent guidance and support in school and at home. There are various challenges that impact the education of language learners. For instance, these challenges may include language development and a lack of resources.

As parents, it is most important to recognize that we can positively impact our kid’s learning.


Kids’ Books

The goal of academic learning is to master reading comprehension. Hence, parents can help children meet this goal by providing literature resources. Access free virtual books and see purchase options for engaging print books. In short, all kids, including English language learners must have access to English books in print also foster reading development.

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Learn to Navigate the US School System

Discover what parents of English language learners should know. For example, parents benefit from understanding how to navigate and support their children in US schools. Schools in the US are different from schools in other countries. For instance, if you did not attend elementary or secondary school in the US you’ll quickly recognize these differences.

English language learners experience academic demands and challenges that students can overcome with parent support.

parenting image
Each tab contains a parenting guide that you can Read more
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Download a FREE guide. Discover how to get involved Read more
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Identifying English learners Many parents wonder how schools identify Read more

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