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Bilingual Learners

Many parents are choosing to raise bilingual learners. A higher number of native English-speaking parents recognize the importance of being bilingual. This recognition may come as a result of their own professional experience. Realizing that speaking another language can be beneficial in the workforce.

Bilingual parents also recognize the importance of speaking multiple languages. Bilinguals are aware of the various benefits that come from learning multiple languages. Bilinguals also recognize the importance of being bilingual.

Raising a bilingual child can be a challenge at times. However, the success of raising bilingual learners depends on various things that we must keep in mind. Language exposure, resources, instruction, and parent involvement are just some of the main attributes that impact bilinguals.

Language Exposure

Learning a language is more challenging when bilingual learners are not exposed to the target language. As a result, language exposure is more difficult for native English-speaking families. However, here are some ideas to expose kids to a target language.

Language Instruction

Language instruction refers to the type and quality a student receives in a bilingual program. Additionally, this includes their educational background and the quality of preschool education.

Language Resources

Available resources play a key role in language development. Subsequently, in school resources are as important as home resources. For this reason, families should be intentional in providing language resources for bilingual learners. Here are some language resources for bilingual learners. Or check out a list of Spanish books that kids like!

Parent Involvement

Children benefit from their parent’s involvement in their education. Likewise, this is an essential piece of language learning for bilinguals. Families should engage and participate regularly in their child’s education. For instance, there are several ways to participate in your child’s language learning journey.

Below are additional resources about the benefits and concerns of bilingual learners.

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